Thursday, 13 March 2014

Sipping spring ....


I'm working hard at the moment. I'm sat at my keyboard, a little hunched. I search through the plastic folders that cover my desk, the chair next to me and the floor behind me. Ah! Found the paper I was looking for! I scan the paper, check the facts and figures that I have already extracted from the paper. Did I copy them correctly into the document that now faces me on the computer screen when I first followed this process several weeks ago? I might need to put the desk lamp on soon. How can that be when I notice the room next to me is bathed in a soft yellow glow of spring sunshine? I yearn to be outside, walking  - across a moor, along a narrow muddy track, through a wood of soft grey trunks highlighted by a patch of bright lichen or doused in the gentle sunlight of a clear March afternoon.  

Alas, this cannot be for now, so I take a short sip at nature's spring of hardy flowers growing in our garden.


Have you a favourite spring flower? What would you choose to do on a beautiful spring afternoon?


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