Sunday, 2 March 2014

A busy week...


Yes it has been a busy week and rather stressful too. I have pieces of work to finish, deadlines looming, and as I am employed permanently on temporary contracts, I far too frequently, it feels, find myself having to search for more funding for myself.

So on Friday I had an interview, at work, the worst kind of interview, and I have now funding for FOUR more months - whoopee! To me 4 months seems a loooooong time; it gives me time to complete two pieces of work so I am happy. I am someone who really does like to see a project through to completion.

But what has all this got to do with my blog? Well, I just haven't had time to write a post or to take photos - until today, that is, when I quickly took some at home before the light faded. 
These are photos not of anything special - yet another photo of that darned stripey blanket. This time it is a photo of it on my lap in the car - I crocheted 1.5 rows on the way to and from my daughter's football match today (and they won their match 4-1).

The other photos are of some little china rabbits I saw in our local shop on Friday - about 6 cm high, they are SO cute, I couldn't resist. 

And these two little cross stitch decorations I made last spring. It's funny how you can make something and love it and then quite quickly wished you'd finished it in a slightly differently way. They are both about 8cm square. The design for the house came from Helen Philipps' book Home Sweet Home available here. You might like to take a look at Helen's bright and cheery blog.

So after a rather lazy day today I am looking forward to a new working week, starting tomorrow with renewed vigour.

Hope you have a good week too.

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