Friday, 24 January 2014

super stripes!

Good morning

What is it about human nature that it is often the little things that make us happy? I had one such heartskipping moment of happiness yesterday - not my only moment of happiness of the day I hasten to add, it was just that this came at an unexpected moment and from an unexpected source.

A couple of months ago I was browsing the magazines in a local store, as you do, when a photo in Country Living's November issue bowled me over - it was a photo of a relatively simple striped knitted blanket on a double bed but I LOVED IT! In fact I so much wanted that photo for future inspiration I nearly bought the magazine just for that ONE photo. Then I reasoned with myself that it hardly made economical sense to buy a magazine for one photo. So instead I logged the image in my mind. Then .......

..... yesterday I decided to have a quick look at the magazine stall at our local market. This trader sells a wide range of out-of-date magazines, covering topics as diverse as angling, running, model trains and glamour magazines. I used to be a very regular customer purchasing cross stitching and knitting magazines, however, he rarely has anything of interest to me now, except the occasional house and home magazine. So yesterday, as I was passing, I casually picked up one magazine and quickly flicked through it and one photo leaped off the paper and yes I'm sure you can guess, it was the photo of the striped blanket!! Without a moment's hesitation, out came my purse and and for the princely sum of £1 (I nearly said 100 pennies but that actually sounds quite an extravagant price!) the magazine and that inspirational photo were mine!

So by now I'm hoping that you are eager to see the source of all this excitement - and I hope that at least some of  you like it as much as I do, here goes......

I apologize for the quality of the photo - but thanks to Country Living for a bit of inspiration. This photo was taken from issue November 2013.

Interestingly for me, in the same article there are some photos of knitted curtains which look fantastic and must be soooo warm  and I'm delighted to see they are somewhat similar to the blanket I am crocheting at the moment - alternate grey stripes with bright stripes. So many project ideas .... so many unfinished projects ..... so little time .....

Enjoy your day!

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