Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Starters ......

Here goes!! .....  And pow! I've jumped into the world of blogging.

How many before me have made this first step into the world of blogging? How many new bloggers have pondered "what shall I write?" How many have speculated "will anyone read it?"

So why should I be any different? But maybe I'll take a bullish stance (which rather goes against the grain) and I'll assume that I must have something interesting that someone out there will enjoy reading. Otherwise, why on earth would I consider blogging again?

That's it, blogging all sewn up for today, now where's that cup of coffee .....


  1. Hi Caz! Welcome to blogging! I started my blog a year ago but then let it slide for a long time. I always meant to write a post & was constantly writing posts in my head but then never got around to writing them up. I have recently resurrected my blog & hope to post more regularly, but with baby#3 due in 5 weeks, I'm not sure if that's realistic or not!! I look forward to following you. Vicki x

    1. Thank you Vicki - how exciting, a new baby on the way. Look forward to hearing about your new arrival. I have 3 children but they are all teenagers now - time sure does fly! Thank you for your comment
      Caz xx


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