Monday, 27 January 2014


... "Our jungle fighters want socks". So says the poster designed by Abram Games (1914-1996) and reprinted below as a postcard (purchased on a recent visit to the Churchill War Rooms in London).

Of course I didn't hesitate to buy the postcard; being a knitter myself I am more than happy to display this image in my house, but I appreciate that for me it presents a little bit of humour, a far cry from its original intention. I like the picture as presumably the statement was aimed mainly at women, and yet it isn't the most obvious image that I think would appeal to the majority of women. Does the tangle of green wool represent the dense growth of the jungle?

More examples of the work of Abram Games can be found here. Games was appointed the Official War Poster Artist in the Second World War and designed 100 posters. The website states that Games believed the "biggest impact came from the simplest of designs". This is true for so many things in life, whether designed by humans or nature.

Well, I learnt something new today - always the sign of a good day.

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