Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The little people

Good afternoon,

We live in a houseful of people. A small number of them are living, breathing humans but the vast majority are the little people.

We share our home with cowboys and pirates, gymnasts and knights, rock climbers and policemen. They live in castles and ships, on shelves and in cupboards, in bedrooms and the living room.

They are generally well behaved, displaying a strong tendency to stay in one position for most of the time; occasionally one goes astray but they are soon recovered. But, despite their somewhat impassive appearance, these small people are capable of taking on life in an instant - all it takes is an injection of movement from the humans in the house. Suddenly, whole new worlds and kingdoms open up in our house, limitless adventures beckon and abound...

I managed to persuade a few little people to group themselves for a photo.

How many little people inhabit your house?

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