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"Jeremy who?" you may be asking. Well, in this case I am talking about Jeremy Irons.

I fell in love with Jeremy Irons when I watched the TV serialization of Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited. I nearly wrote "I first fell in love", but realized this was incorrect because I think it is safe to say my love affair with Jeremy Irons lasted as long as the showing of the TV serial.

The serial was broadcast in 1981. Jeremy played the role of Charles Ryder, with Anthony Andrews taking the role of Lord Sebastian Flyte. The very striking Castle Howard in North Yorkshire was used as the fictional mansion Brideshead. Construction of Castle Howard began in 1699 and took over 100 years to complete. The house was designed by John Vanbrugh, and is truly impressive and well worth a visit. (I've provided lots of links for you to follow if you are interested in learning more...)

So why I am talking about Jeremy Irons and Bridehsead Revisited? Well, this is the reason...

I belong to a book club and 'Brideshead Revisited, The Sacred & Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder' (to give the book its full title) is our next read. And I was pretty excited when I spotted this Penguin paperback in a charity shop while visiting Matlock. The back cover shows more of the actors including Sir Laurence Olivier as Lord Marchmain.

I have to confess that I have never read 'Brideshead Revisited' and I'm looking forward to doing so. I am quite sure that reading this Penguin version will bring to my eye delightful visions and memories of Jeremy Irons and Anthony Andrews enacting the roles of Charles and Sebastian. What a treat!

Did you watch the TV serial? Have you read the book?

Hope you are enjoying your current read!

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