Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Work games


I consider myself fairly lucky in terms of employment, I have a job, almost full time, that on the whole I enjoy. At its best it is stimulating, challenging and varied. At its worst it is frustrating and boring. Besides the vexations brought on by that oft quoted subject 'admin', my other main trial is 'office politics'.

Success in my organisation is clearly achieved by 'playing the game' and the problem is, I am just not cut out to play that game. I don't make a big noise about the work I am doing, even though I am ticking all the right boxes, suggesting that I am doing a pretty good job. I don't have the right personality to 'toot my horn'. And I probably don't utilize the right vocabulary - although hold on a minute, I managed to squeeze in a good word then, did you notice? Yes, that's right, 'utilize' instead of good old 'use'. What is wrong with 'use'?

And what are the rules to this game? There are certainly no written rules, and no doubt the rules that prevail in one organization are unlikely to be the same rules that apply to another organisation, even if they are of the same ilk. And would the rules that apply to one person equally apply to all?

Do you find office politics a trial? How do you cope with office politics? Do you play to the rules?

To finish today I'm leaving you with some photos taken while on holiday in the summer of 2013. We stayed at High Lidmoor Farmhouse in the North Yorkshire Moors. High Lidmoor is a holiday let managed by the National Trust.

The cottage is a traditional stone built farmhouse located at the end of a long farm track.

The peace was palpable.

The views were stunning.

And the weather was fantastic.

Just look at that evening sky. Enjoy.......

(P.S. please click on the photos if you wish to see a larger image)

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  1. I loathe office politics and I agree, it has always been the thing I hated or struggled with the most in my previous jobs. Law Firms are pretty notorious for this type of behaviour, the 'pecking order' is ingrained from day one and I particularly hated the 'boys club' mentality. I was pretty good at putting my head down and not getting too involved but the ones who played the game annoyingly seemed to get the bigger pay rises! On a brighter note, how gorgeous are the North Yorkshire Moors? Beautiful! Mel x


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