Friday, 31 January 2014

Stripes of my own.....


I have been reading blogs for around 2 years. However, I don't read a huge number, and the ones that I do read tend to be 'craft-focused' and in particular 'crochet-focused'.

Now for all those people out there who are either bloggers themselves or just read blogs, there can be very few with an interest in crochet who have not visited the blog written by Lucy and called Attic24. I came across Lucy's blog a couple of years ago when I first tiptoed into the blogging world and like so many before me I was cheered by the colours of her craft and wowed by her woolly works. And her blog is so friendly too. She has a Facebook page with almost 150,000 followers worldwide! She is a legend!

So here is my Lucy inspired project - my very own crocheted, striped blanket! And I absolutely LOVE it. I actually think I could eat those colours....

So this blanket is destined for my king size bed.

I am double crocheting throughout and I am using Patons 100% cotton DK which gives a fantastic stitch definition. In fact the stitch definition is so good I decided to crochet just simple stripes, back and forth. I think the stripes and stitches gives the blanket plenty of interest without making it anymore complicated. 

I took my time choosing the colours and width of stripes, and made small samples to see how it all worked together. My only regret is that I think the blanket should have been about 12cm wider. When I crocheted the foundation row it stretched across the bed comfortably but I have since read that you need to make the foundation row a bit longer than you think as it tends to shrink a little once you start crocheting - oh well, you live and learn. I'll know next time (- there will be a next time?)

I am using 7 colours which I will repeat 6 times - and I am just over half way. Yippee!

So what do you think? Do you like it or are the colours not to your taste?

More inspirational blogs another time!

Enjoy your day.


  1. I'm luvin' these stripes! Double crochet is so satisfying in stripes, I like the density. Good luck with the king size aspiration!!! Wow

  2. I think I started this project in a moment of madness - I think it might end up on a smaller bed!

  3. I think that these colors are so yummy together. I actually laughed out loud when I read that you could eat them. I totally can relate hehe I just recently finished a ripple blanket in candy creamy colors that was inspired by the one and only Lucy. Well not her particular colors but the pattern is hers. Love that blog and I am having a good look around yours. I love crochet blogs. All time favorite kinds of blogs.

    Hope you have a good week.
    Birgitta xx

  4. Thank you for your comments Birgitta - glad I'm not the only one mad enough about colours that I could eat them!!

  5. Colours are lovely. I too am a Lucy devotee. It was her blog who got me into crochet. Just started one of her ripple blankets (but in baby pastels). The double crochet is really effective for the stripes isn't it, and must be nice and easy to do in front of the tv - very soothing and no counting or following a pattern!

    1. Oo, look forward to seeing your baby ripple completed. Yes, double crochet is easy to do - the downside is that it is so soothing it can me sleepy!


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