Monday, 24 February 2014

train travels 1: Filey


I started to write this post some time ago but then other posts seemed to be more timely and muscled in on publication. This post, I decided, could be published almost anytime and the subject of this post is, of course, obvious from its title - travels by train! 

Trains are one of my most favourite forms of transport - in fact, it would be difficult to decide on my most favourite - bicycles or trains? For me personally there are so many benefits for travelling by train:
  1. Firstly, I have to get to the train station and for me this often entails a cycle ride. It is about a 17 minute cycle ride for me to the station (and nearly all downhill) so of course the cycle ride home takes me a bit longer - probably about 22 minutes. And from where I live, the one way streets are much more favourable to the cyclist riding to the station.
  2. Secondly, travelling by train is much more environmentally friendly than travelling by car. 
  3. Thirdly, the rail tracks may pass through parts of the countryside not always available for viewing when travelling by car.
  4. Fourthly, you can sit and relax when on the train, no stressful driving and busy roads to contend with - definitely a case of "let the train take the strain
  5. And finally - you can sit and do things when you are travelling by train; I don't feel like I am wasting so much time as when I am driving. My choices of activities, depending on the reason for my train journey include:
  • drinking coffee - well, that is a must no matter where I'm going or why. I consider available coffee facilities prior to any journey and plan my strategy - can I buy on the train? Will there be a dining car or an at-seat service? Or shall I buy at my local station prior to boarding or can I purchase en-route while waiting to change trains?
  • work - my laptop is an essential item on any work trip
  • listening to my music - I love my Apple shuffle, it fits into the smallest of purses and hence bags
  • reading - often I take my Kindle Paperwhite with me but it could also me a paperback (sorry this isn't a sponsored commercial for electronic gadgets)
Often I indulge in more than one of these activities on any one journey - I say indulge because it does feel like that - an indulgence - a treat of time, for me to relax and enjoy one of my interests.

So I thought I would share with you some of my train journeys. And today, our first journey is one my daughter and I made to Filey on the East Yorkshire coast.

Filey is a lovely old fashioned, small seaside resort which we visited many times as a family when the children were younger  - there is so much to do given its size - pitch and putt, crazy golf, amusements, 
(view from the boating lake)

donkey rides, paddling pool, boating lake, miles of beach, cliffs...... and all in easy walking distance of each other.

Sand art.......

 walks along the beach.....

We stayed in a lovely B&B (Bed and breakfast) and had a traditional seaside fish and chip tea - a fun, relaxing two days train!

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