Monday, 17 February 2014

Hathersage in February

Hathersage, a village in the Peak District in England.

I've stayed here several times at the Youth Hostel with my friend and our children. We travel from home by train. We have walked from Hathersage, past North Lees Hall and up along Stanage Edge on days when it is so windy you can hardly stand upright and shelter behind a large rock for a stop to eat lunch is essential and on other days (far more infrequent) when the weather is so mild my fleece stays in my rucksack all day.

Our walks frequently end here at St Michael's church where the tomb of Little John can be found. We always wonder whether he really is buried here.....

Today we made a short passing stop in Hathersage. We walked round the village and made a detour up to the church. 

It's only in winter that we can really appreciate the distorted growth some trees achieve.....

Snowdrops edge a tombstone.

Ancient tomb stones..... relating part of a family's history.

Moss grows in the indentations on the grave..... almost making it possible to read the eroded engravings.

That tree in its full glory....

and the lychgate, a wonderful piece of construction.

Have you ever visited Hathersage?

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