Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Paper treats


Are you an avid magazine reader? Do you have a subscription to a magazine? Is there one magazine that finds you searching out your local newsagents as soon as the latest issue is released?

I have to admit to liking magazines - I see them as a treat to me! I guess, as with most people, I have my favourites and one that I have been buying for quite a few years is Cross Stitcher.

In fact I think I first starting buying a cross stitch magazine about 20 years ago - how can it be so long ago?? I love the design of the cowboy shown on the front of the February issue above - it is exactly the project I would have undertaken a few years ago for my younger son. I stitched knights and footballers for him but never a cowboy. I really like the wooden floral keyring free gift too - although I have as yet to start this one.

Another crafty magazine I enjoy is Simply Crochet. I have talked about Simply Crochet before in this post. I have been crocheting summer blooms for some joyful bunting.

The other genre of magazines I indulge in from time to time are home style magazines such as Country Homes and Interiors and Country Living.

The homes and style ideas in these magazines appeal to me and in fact it was in this recent post that I showed a photo taken from the Country Living magazine - I loved the stripey blanket.

I'm lucky in that we have a market stall trader who sells out of date magazines for £1 each - I consider that a bit of a bargain! Unfortunately, whereas he used to regularly sell Cross Stitcher and some knitting magazines, he rarely does now - but he always has a good stock of home style magazines so I purchase most of mine for £1. However, I don't buy any magazine without a quick perusal of the pages first - if there is nothing that is of interest or nothing that appeals to my crafty side I don't buy it. This caution by me ensures that I am not swamped at home by magazines, as I do find it hard to throw magazines out. And it also makes it feel that my occasional magazine purchase (as opposed to a regular purchase) is a treat. And I often look back at old issues for inspiration and project ideas.

Are you a magazine hoarder?

Happy browsing!

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  1. Yes, total magazine hoarder here! They are so expensive though, so I really try to limit my habit. I have a subscription to The English Home (similar to Country Homes & Interiors) and occasionally buy a craft magazine or Country Living as a treat if the cover appeals to me. Hubby despairs of my piles of magazines that I can't bear to throw away!


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