Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Scrummy yarn

Good morning,

As my little "about me" section proclaims on my blog, I love to crochet and knit. I have been knitting for as long as I can remember. My mum taught me and I remember once as a child knitting a lemon-coloured vest for one of my toys and finishing it by myself one morning sat in bed. I proudly took it to show my mum, who, if my memory isn't playing tricks, made me feel as if I'd achieved something quite special - thanks mum.

My mum was a skilled lady at a range of crafts including wood working but one thing she couldn't/didn't do was crochet, so I taught myself with a little help from a nearby neighbour, Mrs Andrews. Although my default woolly craft is knitting, over the last few years I have taken on more crochet projects. My most ambitious so far is the stripey blanket that I'm about half way through and which I introduced in an earlier post. Just for my own delectation (and hopefully yours too) here again is a recent photo of said blanket.

I'm crocheting the blanket in Patons 100% cotton DK - a scrumptious yarn with many colour choices and a fantastic stitch definition. I LOVE the yarn. But I confess........ I have another yarn love too................DMC's natura just cotton. 

Oh my goodness, once again the colour range is extensive so it's easy to find just the one you want. Or in my case "ones" you want. Here are some of the colours I have.

Don't you just want to dive into those balls and immerse yourself in a world of colour? And what have I been using this yarn for? To crochet a pile of these .....

.... taken from the popular Simply Crochet magazine and issue 7 in particular.

And here is my little pile of summer blossoms, perched atop another make of mine ( I will tell you more about that one another time).

As you can see I have yet to complete my little rounds of summer goodness into gorgeous bunting - the trouble is I keep finding more colours of the natura cotton that I think would just look so good with the colours I have already. I think I'm addicted!!

So another photo of my crocheted blooms.

And another of my pile of yarn, "sigh". With so many colour choices it is impossible to restrict yourself to just a few.


Have a good day - the sun is shining brightly here!


  1. Ooooo I love those colours! I might have to investigate that natura cotton. Do you buy online? So far I have only be using Stylecraft Special DK (as bought a big Lucy Pack) and just started with some Peter Pan Baby Merino which is lovely and soft but quite splitty compared the the Stylecraft but not as fluffy.

  2. Hi, I bought this from my local store, which is the problem, every time I go in I see another colour i just have to buy!! It's quite fine wool and very splitty but the colours are gorgeous


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