Friday, 7 February 2014

it's too late now!


In an earlier post I showed photos of the stripey blanket I'm crocheting. Here is the latest photo of progress - I am just over half way.

But I am a bit of a perfectionist and so to my horror noticed that a few stripes previously, somehow I had miscounted how many rows I'd crocheted and a limestone stripe was narrower than is should be!! Arghhhh!

In my defense, I think it is quite easy for me to miscount rows because I'm usually crocheting while doing something else, such as watching television, talking or even driving - well, not me driving but while on a car journey. So last night was THE BIG decision - do I pull out about 10 rows and correct the mistake? A plan came to mind..... I asked my son whether he could notice something odd with the blanket. In turn he asked "Is it something to do with the width of the stripes?" "Yes", I replied. "Ah", he said, pointing to a stripe about 30 rows back, the pink one isn't as wide as the others".

Double argghhhhhh! TWO ERRORS!! But, there is NO, way I am unpicking 30 rows. Husband suggested I started making the rows random in size to disguise any errors but I think it is a bit late for that. So I will just have to continue crocheting, concentrating a bit more on my row counts to prevent any more imperfections. But to be honest, when it is complete, I doubt anyone will notice.

Now here is a little test - can you see the 2 offending stripes in the photo above? I think one is more obvious than the other.

Oops, starting to get low on blanket yarn supplies - time to buy more!

Happy Friday evening!

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  1. I would never have noticed if you hadn't pointed them out!


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