Saturday, 8 February 2014

Portable projects


I am one of those people who finds it difficult to be sat doing nothing. Waiting in a queue, waiting to pick someone up and give them a lift in the car, sitting in a queue of traffic etc etc etc - it is all quite frustrating for me. I live a fairly busy life with children (or 'young people' I think is a more appropriate term now) and I occasionally wonder that if I added up all those minutes spent waiting and used that time really productively just think what else I might achieve.

Thus, I rarely go anywhere without my book (just in case an opportunity presents when I can read a page or two) and I always take it to to work with me. But if I'm venturing out on a longer trip, especially with other people when I know I shall be chatting, I like to take something else with me to do. Now clearly this something else has to be highly portable and possibly something that does not need too much concentration either; the something else has almost to be a background activity to whatever is the main event.

And for me the solution is ...... sock knitting! I love sock knitting for so many reasons:

1. the lovely colour combinations of sock wool.
2. the small amount of wool needed to knit a pair of socks.
3. the cosy pair of socks you produce at the end.
4. knitting with 4 small double-pointed needles fascinates people and they look askance at me.
5. people are so impressed when you admit that you knitted the pair of socks you are wearing.

 So here is my portable project

This little bag measures just 20 x 14 cm with a zip opening. It is just the right size for my wool, needles, pattern, and notebook. It is a pencil case one of the children received years ago when we went on a package holiday to somewhere hot. The fact that it is see-through is an added bonus because it means I can see what is in it immediately - so many times I have run upstairs and grabbed this little pack before rushing off somewhere.

In the photo above you can see my current socks on the needles - love that blue. You can see the label in the bag - yes, I like to use Regia 4ply. So many colour choices.......

Do you hate having idle hands? What is your favourite portable project?

Happy sock knitting!

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