Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Forgotten holiday project!


Yesterday I wrote a post about the 4 craft projects I have brought away with me for my short break in the Peak District - but I suddenly realised last night that I'd forgotten one of the projects I have with me. Obviously too many WIPs and too easy to forget one!

But here it is....

Yes, it is presently just a collection of embroidery silks, evenweave, buttons and ribbon - my plan is to make a small padded hanger stitched with some sentiment such as "Home sweet home".  I love the colours - they loosely coordinate with our bedroom which is predominantly grey and white with accents of bright green, pink and purple. You can see how the colours above coordinate with my much posted stripey blanket, shown yet again below (please skip this photo if tired of my blanket love).

Yesterday I was reading this post on Lucy''s blog (of Attic24 fame) and from there linked to The Homemakery website. While browsing their website (which I agree with Lucy has some wonderful items for sale) I came across this page and just LOVED the colour combinations of this Very Berry Rowan handknit cotton DK yarn pack. 

Then I realised why I was drawn to this - it is more of that wonderful, deep colour combination that I love!  I can even feel a Lucy wreath, crocheted in this colour palette, coming on! Just need to add a few leaves of bright lime green - they would make it ZING! 

But time to get on with those holiday projects first!


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  1. Love that Very Berry colour selection. I am slowly realising that I am more of a muted colour person than a "bright" person like Lucy. I love all of her crochet and colours, but it actually doesn't really fit in with my home style! Colour is a new thing that I am learning and discovering!


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